FONSIS is the right partner for your investment project:

  • If your project is in one the strategic sectors as defined in Plan Senegal Emergent (PSE) (agriculture, fishing, infrastructure, logistics, manufacturing, energy, social housing, mining and services such as education, health and tourism),
  • If you are looking for equity investors: equity injection in your company, contribution to your initial stake...,
  • If you are looking to open up your company’s capital and governance to sound investment professionals,
  • If the current status of your project allows you to answer the following questions  :
    • What is the business plan of the project, including the assumptions and rationale?
    • Which team will develop and manage the company?
    • What is the structure of the financing structure: equity vs. debt?
    • Which funding plan are you proposing to FONSIS: how much equity contribution and for what percentage of the share capital?
If you’re seeking a loan, our partners for your project are:
  • BNDE, our debt financing partner or any other bank operating in Senegal;
  • FONGIP, our partner for loan guarantees.

Our main investment vehicles