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Manage and optimize State-owned assets

Manage assets transferred by the State of Senegal to FONSIS, and optimize these assets by leveraging them to raise funds to be injected in profitable investment opportunities. This will ultimately increase non-tax revenues for the government. 

Develop national champions

Invest alongside the local private sector for the development of national champions, especially in the strategic sectors of PSE.

Create a Generational Fund

Pursuant to Law n°2012-34 based on which the Fund was created, FONSIS will allocate a share of its earnings to a Generational Fund in order to constitute financial reserves for future generations. 

Boost the Private Equity sector

Support and facilitate the development of Private Equity, for Senegal to become a private equity platform, serving both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.

Foster economic development

Boost the use of State-owned assets towards a heightened contribution in productive investments in order to create jobs and wealth for present and future generations.